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Junior Golf Academy Learning Tools

Students will benefit from the V1 Professional Coaching System. This state-of-the-art software provides the student with the necessary knowledge and understanding of swing techniques.

Combining this content with our face-to-face coaching creates a powerful learning experience. With its rich multi-media content, V1 provides each student with the resources to review every aspect of instruction. This allows the students to ensure they make the correct adjustments prescribed by the JPGA Instructor's.
  • Visualization is key to improvement.
  • Parents will receive quarterly progress reports with video to see the student's progress.
  • V1 removes the guesswork about the cause of poor shots by enabling the students to see their own swing.
  • The purpose of V1 is not to replace face-to-face instruction but rather to support it.
  • Pre-tournament strategy and preparation; Post tournament analysis and plan for improvements.

Other Learning Tools Utilized:
TOMI Computerized putting system analysis and correctional program design. Measures the big "8" of putting: Alignment at address, Alignment at impact, Pat at impact, Stroke path and rotation, Shaft Angle, Impact spot, Speed at impact, Stroke tempo.
The GolfPosturePOD is a patented training aid that helps junior golfers to "feel" what it is like to use their lower body properly on the downswing and maintain their posture and spine angle.
CUSTOM CLUB FITTING Using the Accusport Vector X Launch monitor and our custom fitting equipment, we can fit you for any club from any manufacturer.

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