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The Junior Players Golf Academy
The Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA) located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is the #1 Golf Academy in the south. The mission is to help prepare junior golfers to compete in National level tournament play and receive a college scholarship. The core competency of the JPGA is to recognize and respect each student's individuality. The JPGA approach is to get the student to commit to long-term athletic development, incorporating all aspects of training into a successful path to becoming the best athlete possible. This is all possible through the talented and personable staff and most importantly the limited student to teacher ratio that we take very seriously.

The JPGA is proud to announce the opening of The Mitchelville Golf Cottages. The Campus provides first-class, southern charm, situated between live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss. The cottages are located within walking distance to the beach, soccer, baseball fields and JPGA administrative office. Just a bike ride away from local shops and grocery store and Palmetto Hall Golf Club which has 36 holes on property.

The advanced instruction takes place in a scenic and secure setting on Hilton Head Island. The JPGA Academy is located at Palmetto Hall Golf Club, a 36 hole facility designed by Arthur Hills and Robert Cupp, located within Palmetto Hall Plantation. These two courses are known for its Low Country beauty and its wide variety of shot making requirements. Palmetto Hall Golf Club is located just around the corner from the JPGA Campus. Students who attend the JPGA have access to play all 7 courses the Heritage Golf Group own and manage throughout Hilton Head Island. In addition to Palmetto Hall, they own, Port Royal Golf Club, Shipyard Golf Club and Oyster Reef Golf Club.

Teaching Philosophy
Through a supportive and competitive environment, the JPGA develops the qualities of commitment, goal setting and confidence for each student's personal, academic, and athletic growth. The dedication of the instructors to teaching and coaching, on and off the course, helps juniors become champions. The JPGA program includes mental conditioning and physical training as they are important to building golf athletes who can play more competitively. The goal is to offer juniors the opportunity to develop into accomplished athletes, successful at the collegiate level and beyond.

Another integral part of the program is on-course instruction. The Instructor reinforces swing thoughts and provides in-depth course management. The JPGA educates the student on the importance of the 'Rules of Golf'. Taking the students on the course covers the more specific techniques that are used in course management and facilitates what is learned during practice to benefit performance. To produce champion golfers they must be capable of managing themselves on and off the course.

The JPGA does not teach a strict swing method. Many teacher's and golf schools attempt to teach every student the same swing with the promise that if they can master the method or fit a certain model swing, there will be perfection at the end of the road. This cookie cutter approach to playing and learning is usually not very productive, especially for a young player who has already established his own personal style. The fact is there is no perfect swing that fits everybody. Proof of this can be seen as close as the television. There are many different swings being used successfully on the professional tours, but no matter their personal styles, they all share some common traits. These common denominators that all great players share are the true fundamentals of golf.

The JPGA approach is to teach students individually based upon their specific needs. There is a margin left for individual styles and preferences, as long as the laws of ball flight are being observed.

The coaching staff is trained to identify each student's individual needs in order to implement a plan for selfdevelopment. Having knowledge of the swing is a very important asset for an accomplished player to have. One of our goals is to teach the student to be their own best coach, be able to identify and diagnose their own game and understand what their personal strengths and weaknesses are.

Golf is a game where one never stops learning. The JPGA will increase your knowledge level on the full swing, short game, mental management, and of course the most important aspect of all, learning how to score.

Building Champions and Excellence in Golf

Learn to play, compete, and succeed at the ONE and ONLY Boutique Golf Academy.

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