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College Golf Consultation Visit

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Come Visit Us to Plan your College Golf Career

Our two day college consultation visit gives students the opportunity to experience the Junior Players Golf Academy. This visit is focused on assessment of a student's current golf game and planning for their future in college golf. After the two days of one-on-one interaction, we will be able to make an honest and accurate assessment of your game and needs in college. This program is available Monday through Friday.

College Consultation Visit Includes:

  • Golf Instruction
  • Golf and Fitness Assessment
  • Swing video
  • Accommodations in JPGA cottages
  • Meals
  • Transportation to/from Hilton Head airport

Summer Camps
Summer Camps

We will assist you with acceptance into the college of your choice:

College Consultation  College Consultation  College Consultation  College Consultation  College Consultation

Discover Your Full Potential

We Develop all Aspects of Your Game

Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Students will train with highly qualified instructors in our fully equipped gym. We will ensure that students reach their optimal performance by targeting specific areas beneficial for golf and improving their range of motion. A composition of strength training and cardio will be used to accomplish this.

Mental Conditioning

Mental Conditioning

We will create a tailored approach specific to your needs that can be conducted either on the course or in a private setting. Common needs addressed in session are confidence building, stress-management, establishing routines, and staying present-focused.

Learning Tools

Learning Tools

Benefit from TRACKMAN and V1 Professional Video Coaching System. This state-of-the-art technology provides knowledge and understanding of swing techniques. Combining this content with our face-to-face coaching creates a powerful learning experience.

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