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Summer Players Camp

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Summer Players Golf Camp Overview

This camp is specially designed for the player who wants to train with us throughout the week and showcase their talents on the weekends.

Work hard with our coaching staff throughout the week to prepare you for tournament play on the weekends playing the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. Get a head start over the Summer to prepare you for High School and also build your resume for College. Travel the southeast competing against some of the best juniors in the country. JPGA coaches will also be traveling with you to each event.

For students who want to attend a Multi-Week Tournament Camp, we will have you train the first week before and after the event. The dates below are when you would arrive and compete. It would be up to you how many events you would like to play and how many weeks you would like to train with us.

Summer Camps
Summer Camps

(Dates are subject to change, check back here for updates)

Players Camp I

  • Arrive June 30, Depart July 12
  • July 6-7 - Palmetto Dunes
  • Includes camp, accommodations, tournament entry fee, practice round, tournament transportation
  • $2,995

Players Camp II

  • Arrive July 14, Depart July 20
  • July 20-21 - LPGA International - Jones Course, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Includes camp, accommodations, tournament entry fee, practice round, tournament transportation
  • $3,595

Players Camp III

  • Arrive July 22, Depart Aug 3
  • July 27-28 - Forest Hills Golf Club, Augusta, GA
  • Includes camp, accommodations, tournament entry fee, practice round, tournament transportation
  • $3,595

Players Camp Special

  • Spend the month of July with JPGA
  • Arrive June 30 - Depart August 2
  • Includes 3 Tournaments - Palmetto Dunes, LPGA International - Jones Course and Forest Hills Golf Club
  • Includes Personalized JPGA Golf Bag
  • Includes 3 JPGA Logo Golf Shirts
  • Includes camp, accommodations, tournament entry fees, practice rounds, tournament transportation
  • $6,995

Summer Players Golf Camp

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Discover Your Full Potential

We Develop all Aspects of Your Game

Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Students will train with highly qualified instructors in our fully equipped gym. We will ensure that students reach their optimal performance by targeting specific areas beneficial for golf and improving their range of motion. A composition of strength training and cardio will be used to accomplish this.

Mental Conditioning

Mental Conditioning

We will create a tailored approach specific to your needs that can be conducted either on the course or in a private setting. Common needs addressed in session are confidence building, stress-management, establishing routines, and staying present-focused.

Learning Tools

Learning Tools

Benefit from TRACKMAN and V1 Professional Video Coaching System. This state-of-the-art technology provides knowledge and understanding of swing techniques. Combining this content with our face-to-face coaching creates a powerful learning experience.

Choose From Two Incredible Locations:

Compete at Nationally Ranked Tournaments


Tour events offer players the experience needed to compete on the National level. The concept of the JPGA is to have students practice with a purpose. We want each student to stay motivated and look forward to upcoming tournaments. The JPGA is one of few academies who include golf tournaments in their tuition. We want the student to have the maximum exposure and showcase their skills so they can build their resume for collegiate success. JPGA students compete in National junior golf tournaments throughout the Southeast.



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