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The Advantages of physical training for golf have been demonstrated by the worlds best, being physically prepared has its advantages. If you are in good shape it is highly likely that you will be able to focus and concentrate better for longer periods of time.

JPGA Training and Fitness

Developing today's student athlete/golfer and ensuring they reach their full potential is a step by step process encompassing many elements. Proper nutrition, physical training, rest, school work, more school work, and having a social life are just a few of the obstacles the student faces before they do anything with a golf club. Once they get a club in their hands there is work to be done on the driving range, golf course, putting green, wedge area, practice bunker, as well as knowing the rules and having a strong mental approach. To help the student meet these changes, the JPGA incorporates the Titleist Performance Institute's LTAD (long term athletic development) plan into our curriculum.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the worldwide leader in golf fitness instruction and has developed a junior program that focuses on student's performing age appropriate fitness activities to maximize athletic potential. Students at the JPGA are personally taken through the TPI screening process so a training program can be specifically designed to meet their needs. Known as the five S's of trainability, stamina, strength, speed, suppleness, and skill are all incorporated based on the student's screening results and biological age. For instance, when a female student's growth rate has started to slow, this is the perfect time to introduce more intense stamina and strength training. When the male student's growth rate has started to slow, they need to "bump it up a notch or two" in the stamina and speed training with strength training 12 to 18 months down the road.

The content of each student's fitness routine is based on their individual requirements. However, all programs initially work on the student's mobility, flexibility, and stability before introducing more complex activities. At the JPGA, we know that a better athlete not only makes a better golfer, but a better all around student.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) physical assessment and exercise program design for all ages. The Titleist Performance Institute is the worldwide leader in golf fitness instruction.
TOMI Computerized putting system analysis and correctional program design. Measures the big "8" of putting: Alignment at address, Alignment at impact, Pat at impact, Stroke path and rotation, Shaft Angle, Impact spot, Speed at impact, Stroke tempo.
The GolfPosturePOD is a patented training aid that helps junior golfers to "feel" what it is like to use their lower body properly on the downswing and maintain their posture and spine angle.
V1 Video Swing Analysis Considered the standard by which other systems are measured, the V1 program makes it easy for students to learn and gives them access to their video analysis over the internet.
CUSTOM CLUB FITTING Using the Accusport Vector X Launch monitor and our custom fitting equipment, we can fit you for any club from any manufacturer.

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