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Boarding in Orlando, Florida

In the heart of Orlando

Boarding at Junior Players Golf Academy

The JPGA boarding is located minutes away from schools, orange county national, shopping, Disney World, Universal Studios and many other attractions to enjoy while you're in the area.

Students are responsible for making their beds daily, washing their linens, towels and personal clothes on a weekly basis, keeping personal items neatly stored and the kitchen clean. Rooms are inspected daily by the Resident Chaperone(s) and routinely by the Director of Students.

  • The Director of Students and JPGA Staff provide counseling, transportation and supervisory services.
  • Students' curfew is 9:00pm on week nights with lights out by 11:00pm. Weekend lights out is midnight. This is enforced with nightly bed checks conducted by the Resident Chaperone(s).
  • Emergency medical assistance is available to students on a 24-hour basis by the Island Security who are trained in CPR and emergency first aid. Hospitals, walk-in clinics and specialists are all located within a mile of the golf school and student residences. Doctor visits are scheduled, as needed, and in consultation with parents.
  • Meals are prepared daily on property, our Resident Chaperones provide meals for the students on a daily basis. Students are provided a weekly menu for dinner.
The JPGA Student Handbook is distributed to students upon arrival. The content of the handbook, which includes academic policies and procedures, boarding rules and regulations and the student code of conduct, is explained to parents and students at registration. Each student is responsible for reading and understanding the contents of the handbook and must sign an agreement to abide by the handbook.

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