Benefits of Enrolling Your Junior in Golf School

IMG_9464Participating in youth golf school is a fun and rewarding experience that children of all ages will remember for the rest of their lives. It exposes them to hands-on training from experienced instructors so they can see exactly how to succeed in this sport. But training is only one of the many reasons why parents should enroll their children in youth golf school.

#1) Socialization

Enrolling your child in a youth golf skill will introduce him or her to other like-minded students with similar interests. It’s oftentimes difficult for children to find other kids whom share an interest in the same hobbies.

By participating in youth golf school, however, golf-loving children will be able to connect with another, developing friendships that last both on and off the green.

#2) Physical Fitness

Driving the ball across the green is an excellent workout that strengthens the core while engaging the arms and upper-body. Each time a young golfer performs a swing, he or she burns calories and builds muscle. However, the real physical fitness benefit of golf comes in the form of walking. Walking distances vary from game to game, but a typical golfer will walk 3-4 miles when playing a full 18 rounds.

#3) Mental Focus

From choosing the right club and approach to factoring in elements like wind and rain, there’s an enormous amount of mental focus required to succeed in golf. Children who participate in youth golf school will tone learn how to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. This is a skill that will not only prove useful on the green, but it will also help in other aspects of the child’s life.

#4) Prepare For College

One of the lesser known benefits of youth golf school is that it can prepare children for college. The Junior Players Golf Academy offers a “Junior Program” in which instructors guide high school students (sophomore and under) on how to create golf resume, swing video, and more. Check out the the college counseling programs here for more information on the different programs offered.

#5) It’s Fun!

If you still need another reason to enroll your child in youth golf school, here’s one: it’s fun! There’s just something naturally fun and exciting associated with golf, and participating in a youth school will allow children to tone and polish their skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor. As your child progresses through the school, he or she will likely develop an even stronger connection to the sport.

From increased physical fitness and mental focus to helping kids prepare for college, these are just a few of the many benefits associated with youth golf school.

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  1. Sam Li says:

    I love what you said about driving the ball across the green and how it serves as excellent exercise. I think that finding the right golf course to play on is a big part of golf. If I were to take up golf, I would look for the best golf course in my general area.

  2. It’s cool that you explained how golfing could enhance a kid’s social skills! Last week, my uncle said he wants to enroll his son in an extracurricular activity. My cousin’s not great with sports, so I do think he’d benefit from giving golfing a try! I appreciate your advice on why golfing it’s an excellent activity for the young!

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