Golf Tip: Tee It High!

With the latest driver technology producing clubheads 460cc in size, teeing the ball too low can be costing you major distance.  Unlike the irons which have a sweetspot in the middle-center of the clubface, the driver’s sweetspot is located in the top-center of the clubface.  This means that you will maximize your distance only if you strike the ball on the upper half of the clubface.  Therefore, take advantage of technology and tee it high! Here is a good rule of thumb: Use a tee that will show at least half of the ball above the top of the driver when set up at address.  So, go out and buy some of those 3-4 inch tees and swing away!  You should see that you will carry the ball farther than ever before. At the Junior Players Golf Academy, come experience a full-day of instruction and start driving the ball like a pro!  Our video analysis will allow you to see where you are losing valuable distance and what you need to work on to improve your swing.  Come experience what quality instruction can do for your golf game.

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