Golf Tip: Knock Down!


Are you ever in the woods and need to keep the ball low and punch it out? How about hitting into the wind? Well, the shot is called the “knock down shot.” Try taking a 7 iron and play the ball in the center of your stance, make sure at address your weight is on your forward foot and your stance is slightly open in relation to your target. On your back swing keep your body very quite and set the club with your upper body. On the down swing the focus is to let your weight shift to your forward foot and let your hips open up, keeping your hands leading ahead of the club head at impact. This will make for solid contact, keeping the club face square to the target, leading to more solid shots and more accuracy.┬áJunior Players Golf Academy, a golf school located on Hilton Head Island, SC is dedicated to improving your golf game, visit for golf programs and camps.

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