Golf Tip: Lower Your Handicap

If you are truly serious about lowering your handicap, you must get it done on the greens.  The best players in the world recognize that it is their ability to roll the flatstick that wins tournaments.  Imagine that you just shot 72, with two putts on every hole.  That’s 36 putts in your round.  That’s half of your shots!  Yet, you probably spend no more than a quarter of your time practicing your putting.  What gives?! To start shooting lower scores, you need to develop a practice regimen that gives your putting the time it deserves.  If you are not routinely putting less than 30 putts per round, you need to spend at least half of your practice time on the putting green.  Focus on your speed for lengthy putts and your aligment for shorter putts.  This helps you develop the proper blend of feel and mechanics you need to make more putts.  At Junior Players Golf Academy, we offer a Short Game School that will have you putting like the pros!  Let one of our experienced instructors fine-tune your putting skills and help lower your scores.

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