Golf Tip: Keep It Smooth


Finding the right tempo for your golf swing is more important than seeing how hard you can hit the golf ball.  Swinging harder often creates tension in your grip and arms which actually slows down your clubhead speed and increases the likelihood of off-center hits.  The resulting shot is shorter and more off-line than if you would have simply made a smoother swing focusing on center contact. When you want to reach for some extra distance, focus on swinging at a tempo that you can control.  Focus on maintaining good posture and balance.  If you cannot hold your finish position, you are swinging too hard!  Remember, harder does not equal farther. If you are looking to improve your golf game, come to Junior Players Golf Academy.  Our full-day golf schools will give you the opportunity to work on all areas of your game and help you find the right tempo to maximize your distance!  Sign up today!

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  1. Charlie says:

    nice and helpful tips, I just started playing a week ago and have been searching online for tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing this one.

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