Golf Tip: Short Game Versatility

golf-short-gameIf you want to add some some more shots to your short game arsenal, experiment with your ball position.  When chipping or pitching, the only modification you will make to each setup position is where you place the ball between your feet.

Try shots with the ball played off your back foot, front foot, and from the middle of your stance.  This will alter the trajectory and distance of your shots without changing clubs.

Note:  In your setup, you must keep your hands in the center of your body with the butt of the club pointed at your belt buckle for all three ball positions.  This will ensure that you are maintaining the amount of desired loft for each shot.

Experimenting with your ball position while working around the practice green will help you determine which combinations of club selection and ball position work best from various situations.

At JPGA, our instructors will help you develop a lethal short game that will shave strokes off your handicap. Your scorecard will thank you.


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