Golf Tip: How to Shave 5 – 10 strokes off your score!


One way to lower your score by 5 to 10 strokes is around the green. If your ball lies just off the green on the collar, fringe or apron (some people call it one or the other), you need to get that ball up and down! The first thing you need to determine is club selection. If the flag is up close, you need a wedge, middle or back of the green, you need a 7 or 8 iron. The idea is to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. For those people who use a sandwedge or lobwedge around the green, they are creating more room for error with the ball having so much loft. We want you to focus with weight on your forward foot, keeping your hands ahead of the ball at address and with your stance slightly open to the target. This will allow your arms to freely swing the club back and forth toward your target. The weight and your hand position ahead of the ball at impact will dictate the club pinching down on the back of the ball allowing for 1/3 air time and 2/3’s roll time. With a lot of practice and hard work, you will be on the road to better golf! The Island Golf School, a golf school located on Hilton Head Island, SC offers you instruction on the web. Our Golf Academy also offers Multi-Day Golf Schools on Hilton Head, Charleston, Daufuskie Island and Savannah, GA. Junior Players Golf Academy, JPGA offering junior golf schools and junior golf camps. Take a look at our site at


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  1. Good article to know about golf strokes. Selection of right stroke is very important in golf and it depends on several factors which include the alignment of the body during stroke, golf alignment stick, golf driver and moment of inertia it produced. For a successful golfer, proper stroke is very important. Golf driver plays an important role as it should produce a high moment of inertia and helpful for an effective stroke. So one has to select the proper driver.

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