Golf Tip: 5 Easy Tips To Increase Your Driving Distance

Photoxpress_3153683Still struggling to increase your driving distance? It’s difficult to compete against experienced players when you’re unable to drive the ball across the green. With practice, dedication and hard work, though, anyone can improve their driving distance.

#1) Don’t Force It

Are you swinging the club with every ounce of strength in your body? Try toning down your power to 85-90% of your maximum capacity. With less force behind the ball, you’ll have greater control over your arc and accuracy, which subsequently translates into longer distances.

Most beginners assume blunt force is the single most influential factor in determining driving distance, but in reality it’s just one of many factors.

#2) Relax Your Wrists

Keep your wrists in a natural state of relaxation before, through, and immediately following the swing. By keeping your wrists relaxed, they will turn forward with the momentum of your club. Phil Michelson is an excellent representation of the correct wrist position when driving a golf ball. Keeping your wrists tight, on the other hand, prevents them from turning with the club’s momentum, restricting your speed and control.

#3) Raise The Tee

Another technique that may help you squeeze some extra yards out of your drives is to raise the tee. A study involving more than two dozen different golfers found that players who switched from a low or mid tee to a high tee drove the ball an average of 12 yards farther. With the ball placed slightly higher, you’re less likely to scrape the ground when you swing.

Does this mean you will you instantly gain 12 yards on your drive by raising your tee? Not necessarily, but it’s worth trying if you’re struggling to break out of a “driving plateau.”

#4) Turn Your Back

One all-too-common mistake beginners make is failing to turn their back/shoulders when driving the ball. During the initial swing, your back should turn a full 90 degrees, at which point your club and body should change directions by going forwarding. Think of your body as a clock that winds up; with your body wound up at 90 degrees, you’ll have more energy to power through the ball.

#5) Exercise Off The Green

There are also ways to improve your driving distance off the green, such as performing resistance strength training exercises. By improving your muscle mass and definition, you’ll have more power to drive balls across the green. Focus the bulk of your off-the-green conditioning on workouts that target the chest, core, shoulders and back muscles.

So, what are some good strength training exercises for golfers? Chest presses, standing military shoulder presses, bicycle crunches, deadlifts, planks, and leg raises are all great workouts that focus on key muscles used in golf.

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    Driving distance in golf is as important as a pitcher throwing strikeouts in baseball – the more the better!In every golfer’s bag, the driver holds the most prominent position among them all. It is generally the club used to begin most holes and is responsible for giving you the distance and accuracy needed to be successful. To increase driving distance, you need technique, fitness, and practice.

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