Golf News: Cellphone video used to review Cook’s double hit

John Cook was tied for the lead on the 14th tee Sunday at the Regions Tradition on the Champions Tour, when he hit his tee shot into the right fairway bunker. The ball had buried up against the lip of the bunker. As Cook made contact with his ball, it appeared to ricocheted off the lip of the bunker and fly backwards over his head. After full review, the tour officials could not see any mishap from the shot. not until a staff member stepped forward with his cellphone video of the shot. you can clearly see the ball pop out of the bunker, and Cooks club come around to hit the ball a second time, sending it over his head. His shot was officially declared a double hit, giving him a one-stroke penalty, which costed Cook a double bogey & sent him 2 shots out of the lead. Another bogey on 16 ended Cooks chance at a Major Title as he finished 3 shots back of winner Kenny Perry.


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Would John Cook have captured his Major Tournament win if it wasn’t for his double hit?

Have any of you ever double hit a shot during a tournament? if so, did it cost you the tournament like the shot of John Cook?

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