Golf Tip: “Skate” Your Way To A Better Fairway Bunker Game

The technique of hitting from a fairway bunker is very much unlike that of a green side bunker. You must always hit the ball first out of a fairway bunker, no matter what the yardage or club selection. Hit the ball a little fat and your doomed, you have no chance of reaching your target.

Now, to make sure you get that crisp contact with the ball, try to imagine you’re standing on a pair of ice skates without wobbling. This will allow you to engage your thigh muscles and put as much pressure down into the sand with your legs as possible. This move will stabilize your lower body so you can now deliver the club head accurately into the ball with much acceleration.



  • If you stay centered over the ball and keep your legs quiet, you will have greater control over the low point of the swing, making that contact with the ball first much easier.
  • Downward pressure in your thighs helps create ball first contact.


What do you think?

If you encounter a lip of a fairway bunker that is too high, will you play out sideways, or take a more lofted club and try to make it over?

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